This is Michelle Jenneke, most of you would probably recognize her from the first GIF above. She’s an Australian Olympic athlete (Hurdler) and won a silver medal for the 100m hurdles at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics.

As you can clearly see, her thighs touch. She has no thigh gap, but do you really think that makes her any less attractive or unfit? She is healthy, obviously skilled in her chosen passion or sport and is extremely happy with her body. Girls seem to idolize this idea of a ‘thigh gap’ , as showing how healthy or how fit you are. This is not always the case.

A thigh gap can occur if you have wide hips, and even then because of your body shape it can sometimes be unattainable. Michelle Jenneke received worldwide media attention for her pre-race warm up hip dancing, and was admired by boys/men of all ages around the globe. (Girls too, sometimes we like looking at nice bodies!) 

Whatever your weight-loss/fitness goals may be, if you don’t end up having a thigh gap don’t be discouraged. You are in no way un-healthier than someone else who does have one.

Keep at it and you’re all amazing! xx

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    as a boy I have never understood the thigh gap thing- that always just screamed scrawny to me. *shrug* then again I...
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    I have a thigh gap… I’m a 13stone rugby player…
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